Cavity Wall Ties

Many older buildings that were built using cavity wall construction are now suffering from deterioration of the metal wall ties that should brace the inner and outer leaves of their walls. This can result in a weakening of the structure that can be detected by surveyors and that can be another problem when seeking a loan for the purchase of the property. We can undertake the replacement of wall ties, again with the approval of the leading lenders.

We are unable to assess the cavity wall ties in your property via the internet. This is a task that requires our surveyor to examine your problem and provide a no-obligation quote for a solution onsite.

Simply phone us on 07860 546562 or (0151) 424 8653 to arrange a time when it will be convenient for our surveyor to call. We will then provide a written quotation for the completion of the work, inclusive of any necessary plaster repair and related remedial work and the relevant guarantees.