Free Damp Quotation and Survey

Our experienced surveyor will thoroughly investigate the causes of damp within your property. Once we have identified the underlying causes of your damp problem we can then identify the most effective method of treatment for your property.

Our findings, results and recommendations about the damp issue in your property will be written up and sent to you, along with the details and extensive breakdown of the quotation. The free survey is provided to you without any obligation and completely free of charge.

We also work with numerous Estate Agents throughout the North-West to advise and deal with damp issues in both commercial and residential properties. We ensure our surveyors promptly attends all enquires to help enable customers proceed with their purchase and/or sale.

Do not hesitate contacting us for a free and detailed survey/quotation of your property. Call us on mob 07860546562 or 01514248653. Alternatively please use the contact bar at the bottom of this page.